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November 15, 2007

The Amorous Permutations of the Conjurers

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The double

 The double image, the double self, of which one is the shadow and the other, the reflection – the shadow projected from the two mirrors facing each other… The reflection occurs in the center. 

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  1. Yes. These anomalous converses–mirrorisms which are not strictly reflective–are seen in a number of realms, including the patterns of light coruscation generated by brief, modest, careful pressure on the eyeball. Of special interest are: (1) Persistencies, still to be seen in time after the pressure lapses. (2) Crossbrain leakages resulting in field changes in the unpressured eye. (3) Open eye color inversions resulting from persistencies viewed against solid color temperature backdrops. In the larger field of broken symmetries, anomalous converses have their uses. In poetry for instance (though we must not forget that literature is not surrealism nor surrealism literature). All dualities have symmetric properties, and all symmetries are broken in the modern era. So–gender, vertebrate anatomy, and premodern metaphysics, to name but three examples, are all fruitful dualities for experimenters to address as poets or as surrealists in other kinds of action.

    Comment by Lee Ballentine — December 1, 2008 @ 6:42 pm

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