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November 11, 2007

Tempting Gears…

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 News from all starting points, or tempting gears… 

7:30am Most interestingly enough, alternative tendencies within, and often times just a little on the outside of the bubble of what some have called “everyday reality.”         

*The self-display and the dress code of the Belgian surrealists refer through their theatrical form to the method of work used to carry out the surrealist revolution. In the first place there is the strong group identity that is used as a strategy in validating the project. The subversive action was to be carried out by teamwork. Secondly, the revolution was supposed to be carried out anonymously. The Belgian surrealists liked to call themselves ‘accomplices’. Patrick Waldberg named them afterwards the Society of Mystery’. The strategy of anonymity did not allow public recognition. The anonymous tactic was instead a way to intervene in the bourgeois world without being corrupted by her rules and laws. An artistic career was rejected. Work, Name and Art had to lose their capital letters… 


*Rene Magritte

The anonymous career of a Belgian surrealist


One of the more interesting of poets, a lyric poet and artist of the first rate comes from Argentina in the persona of Alejandro Puga: 


Alejandro Puga (born 1957 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a poet and artist.

Alejandro Puga is considered an important lyrical poet. Of his many works, the epic poem Pararrayos (Lightning Rod) is the most famous. It was described by French poet André Pieyre de Mandiargues as one of the most beautiful poems written in the Spanish language in the twentieth century.

Alejandro Pugo




11:30am Recent experiments in the visual realm, Phantom Bodies In Time, dealing with transparency as a state of being, are centered primarily in theories of multi-dimensionality and its link or relation to the various dimensions of the psyche. An interesting idea, revolving around the human internet (inner net,) or the analogy of such an internet…



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  1. I love your art!

    Comment by Sheri Attani R. — January 29, 2010 @ 9:22 pm

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